What is a Master ROI Toolmaker?

What is a Master ROI Toolmaker? Just for kicks, I looked up the full job description for Tool and Die Makers (...)

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As a teenager, I knew a public speaker who called himself the Analogy Man. At that time, I was part of a youth group that met regularly with him. In appreciation, we gave him a t-shirt with those same words written on it.

Even good analogies have something about them that is just flat wrong or misleading. Today, I’d like to preface my occupational analogy with an apology. Please don’t get the impression that I think people are tools or mere resources. So here goes…

What is a Master ROI Toolmaker?

Just for kicks, I looked up the full job description for Tool and Die Makers (occupational code: 51-4111.00) here. The job summary states what these workers do:

  • Analyze specifications
  • Lay out metal stock
  • Set up and operate machine tools
  • Fit and assemble parts to make and repair dies, cutting tools, jigs, fixtures, gauges, and machinists’ hand tools.

When I say that at Kunze Analytics we are Master ROI Toolmakers, we do the following:

  • Analyze job specifications
  • Lay out assessments online or in paper form
  • Set up and operate (AI) machine learning tools
  • Fit and assemble results to make and repair employee selection procedures, onboarding efforts, training sessions, and selection planning tools.

These four tasks should be done before critical selection decisions are made, while the iron is hot. Afterwards, when the iron cools down, if it’s not the correct shape or form, the machinist might discard it or be less inclined to be satisfied with the tool’s practicality.

The ROI part enables all the selection data (demographic, psychometric, observational) to be gauged according to likely economic value –concurrently– when making the decision and –predictively– after a sufficient time has passed using the new tool.

A Master ROI Toolmaker means that one has over 10,000 hours under his belt having done this type of blacksmithing with real companies and organizations of all sizes.

One last note. The US DOL says that the Work Styles for Tool and Die Makers encompasses attention to detail, dependability, integrity, analytical thinking, and initiative. It is our commitment at Kunze Analytics to transform your people data in this fashion.

If you are an employer, give us a try. Average ROI of 40 sampled clients was 1300% or getting back $14 for every $1 invested.

Contact us to take a free assessment online. We’ll match your results to any three (3) job titles of your choice and generate several reports for your review.

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