University of Houston Guest Lecturer Chris Kunze: Strategy To Improve Your Grades?

On October 27th, 2020, Adjunct Professor Alejandro Fernandez at the Bauer School of Business at the University of Houston allowed me to address his undergraduate students during one hour and thirty-five minutes.

In preparation for the class, each student had taken an online psychometric assessment from TALEXES TALENT SOLUTIONS called the TalassureMX. Also, academic performance data was provided to me so that I could demonstrate the value of optimal Success Patterns and Predictive Scorecards.

For 32 our of 32 students, an advanced data mining model predicted with 100% accuracy each student’s academic grade code among nine of them from an “A” to an “F.” One student who had a “D+” grade in the class could become an “A” student if that individual increased the “Take Charge” behavioral trait by one unit on a 9-unit scale. That’s doable, concrete, and valuable.

From complexity to clarity. Pierce the FUTURE!

You can download the PowerPoint slides in PDF format here: UOH_Lecture_Chris_Kunze_27Oct2020_Updated


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