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Panning for gold nuggets

COACHING sales reps is like panning for GOLD. What behavioral NUGGET will increase performance?


At Kunze Analytics, we’ve published TODAY a web-based tool to help you visualize the power of advance data MINING models.


Model #1 predicts within +/- $7,500 while Model #2’s error is +/- 4%.


The link to our demonstration page is in the COMMENTS section below. After arriving to the page, you may have to be patient and refresh it once or twice.


Have fun playing around. We’ve found eight (8) nuggets for you to try on your own.


The five (5) personality scales from the TalassureMX assessment in these models are defined as:


✳️ MANAGEABILITY: The tendency to follow policies, accept supervision, and work within the rules.


✳️ ATTITUDE: The tendency to have a positive or optimistic outlook regarding people and outcomes.


✳️ COMPETITIVENESS: The tendency to work toward goals and to try to exceed others’ performance.


✳️ PEOPLE CONTACT: The tendency to be outgoing, people-oriented, and to participate with others.


✳️ TAKE CHARGE: The tendency to strive for control of people and situations and to lead more than follow.


The sixth and last personality trait measured by the TalassureMX Assessment is SENSE OF URGENCY: The tendency to display stamina and an eagerness for immediate results.


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