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Kunze Analytics sells Assessments published by Talexes. Our clients have access to a proprietary Library of nearly 1,000 TalassureMX success patterns. Kunze Analytics also provides Talexes corporate headquarters with analytical and statistical services.

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Kunze Analytics creates Gradum ROI Analysis™ reports for certified GENOS International Practitioners worldwide. We sell the GENOS EI Selection Assessment and the GENOS EI Inventory for skill development.

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Kunze Analytics is certified to conduct Business Problem Analyses (BPAs) and Quick Model Reviews (QMRs) for clients of Frontline Systems, Inc. We deploy this machine learning software to create and validate, for example:

  • “Multiple Hurdles” and “Total Person” People Processes
  • Statistical Models in Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML)
  • Interactive Spreadsheets and Webpages for Scoring New Candidates
  • TalassureMX Assessment Success Patterns
  • EiFIT scores for the Genos EI Selection Assessment

For companies and organizations using the Caliper Corporation’s Analytics Platform, Kunze Analytics leverages those Assessment data to do predictive modeling and job pattern validation.

For Job Seekers to work as Customer Service Representatives in US Call Centers.

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