We wouldn't exist without them

For companies and organizations using the Caliper Corporation’s Analytics Platform, Kunze Analytics can leverage those psychometric data to do additional statistical modelling and job pattern validation.


Kunze Analytics has developed proprietary artificial intelligence-driven optimization software for custom, maximum-validity Success Patterns as well as a proprietary Library of 965 O*Net-based Success Patterns for use with the Talassure MX Assessment. Assessment users may purchase Talexes solutions from Kunze Analytics.

Talexes Corporate Brochure

In collaboration with GENOS International’s headquarters in Australia, Kunze Analytics offers proprietary Gradum ROI Analysis™ reports to certified GENOS International Practitioners worldwide. Kunze Analytics also sells its clients the GENOS EI Selection Assessment and the GENOS EI Inventory for skill development.

EI Selection Brochure

For companies looking to enhance the experience of assessment takers through Game-Based Assessments, Kunze Analytics works with Persona-Labs to validate each set of games based upon the client’s key performance indicators and incumbent assessment results.