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ABOVE: Bank and Credit Union Executives can get a glimpse of the Customer/Member Churn Risk Calculator at Minute 31. The 11-minute demonstration #2 begins at Minute 23. Pomerol Partners in Chicago, IL deploys predictive data mining models from Kunze Analytics through Qlik Sense analytical software. The calculator is a type of predictive, interactive scorecard. Our scorecards also are deployed in MS Excel with the Solver add-in. In the talent arena, we predict employee performance, retention, satisfaction and safety.

Why Choose Kunze Analytics?

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  • Kunze Analytics helps businesses hire, promote and coach employees optimally.
  • By deploying artificial intelligence in our Assessment and Survey models, we predict desired business outcomes responsibly.
  • As a result, business leaders make better personnel decisions. Our clients’ employees are more productive, engaged and safe while also staying longer in their well-fitting job roles.
  • We take each individual’s natural and acquired skills and abilities seriously.
  • Of 40 clients audited, average benefit-to-cost ratio was 14:1 or an ROI of 1,300%.
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