How a LEADER creates a good TEAM when building a business

Every business owner wants to love what they do, and every leader wants a good team around them. However having a good team comes at a cost, you need to the resources and the proper emotional intelligence in order to create a solid team.
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Today in Episode 120 of Clicks and Bricks we are talking to Chris Kunze, the owner of Kunze Analytics and he has a lot to say about being a leader, finding a good team, the cost of a good team, how to become part of that team, emotional intelligence importance of a leader, and taking that leap to start your own business. It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun talking about this because hiring and firing is something that not a lot of business owners put a ton of thought into.
02:30 Doing what you love
05:00 Keys to Building a strong team
10:30 Being a good leader / How to be a leader
16:00 Benefits of emotional intelligence
17:30 Think like a leader
22:00 Learning new skills
26:30 Take the leap / Start a business
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