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Kunze Analytics LLC Announces New Emotional Intelligence Selection Report Offering


Kunze Analytics LLC Announces New Emotional Intelligence Selection Report Offering

Middleton, WI, July 10, 2018 – Chris Kunze at Kunze Analytics, LLC, a Certified Genos International Partner, now offers their clients a new Selection Report to help organizations integrate emotional intelligence into selection and talent management.

Genos International, a leading provider of emotional intelligence assessments and programs released this new report to help organizations and hiring managers utilize EI measures as an additional means to avoiding bad hiring decisions.

The World Economic Forum released their top job skills for success by 2020, and emotional intelligence was ranked in the top 10.

“Understanding our EI allows us to better perceive, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and others,” said Deiric McCann, Head of International at Genos. “It helps us make more intelligent responses to our emotions. These skills are crucial for success at work, just as much as a candidate’s intellect, experience and background in determining success at work. This new Genos EI Selection Report is a game changer.”

Organizations around the globe work with partners like Kunze Analytics, LLC using Genos International assessments programs to improve leadership development, employee engagement, sales performance, customer service and more.


About Kunze Analytics, LLC

Predicting employee performance through Assessments is what we do. We correlate your company’s key performance indicators with psychometric and survey results to find which factors are most predictive of success in the workplace. Whether hiring job applicants or training incumbent employees, we are the performance model validation experts in your corner.


About Genos International

Genos International was founded by Dr. Ben Palmer and Professor Con Stough in 2002.

Since then, Genos has becoming a leading global supplier of high-end Emotional Intelligence assessments and training programs, which are delivered to clients through a network of more than 1500 partners across North America, Europe, India, China, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


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