Coaching to the 4th Quartile: Telescoping into 2021

In anticipation of 2021 (😃|🎉), do you know how “COACHABLE” your Sales/Service Reps are? Which ones can improve performance by a quartile or more in the New Year? Do you have a method to telescope into the future?

A Coaching “CHEAT SHEET” is designed to provide a Manager with information about all current Directs Reports included in a diagnostic study, as well as potential members of the team.

We score all scenarios or personality “profiles,” so you don’t have to guess.

In this video, we show that 26% of personality “profiles” are knocking at the door of 4th Quartile General Sales Performance (1,698 of 6,561 possible “profiles”).

This means great POTENTIAL exists for coaching upwards.

What’s the potential in your company?

General performance for this client is a metric that averages ratings across multiple Key Performance Indicators. Our advanced data mining model explains 98% of variability and forecasts general performance within 4%.

An individualized written ACTION PLAN focuses one-on-one meetings between the Manager and their Direct Report.

Turn Jalopies into a Lamborghinis.

Click on our link to PLAY with THESE NUMBERS in our DYNAMIC DASHBOARD. You may have to refresh the page once or twice for the dashboard to activate.


Dashboard Demos


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