Christopher Kunze


03 Jul: Hire the Best – Skip the Rest Seminar

Hire the Best - Skip the Rest Seminar on Wed, July 18, 2018 in Madison, WI. Feel confident that you're extending offers to the right candidates. What you will learn: 1) Overcoming antiquated hiring practices; 2) Obtaining the whole picture of the job candidate; 3) Using all your job screening resources; 4) Interviewing with Talassure Assessments by Talexes; and, 5) Matching prediction insights from Artificial Intelligence.

26 Jun: Roomba for Recruiting

“When people think of AI, they think of it as this black box that is independently making decisions and acting on it,” Gupta said in an interview at the 2018 SHRM Conference in Chicago. “We at AllyO think of it like the Roomba, the friendly vacuum cleaner that frankly does things that no one wants to do and does it well.”

19 Jun: AI leveling the playing field

Artificial intelligence is leveling the playing field, with solutions for every level of the recruitment funnel. And not only can AI-powered solutions flip the odds for you nabbing the best candidates, they can also boost your bottom line: With AI powering their hiring initiatives, companies are realizing an 18 percent increase in revenue, and seeing profit boosted by a whopping 30 percent.