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16 Jun: Back In The Day

Back in the day when I was in Elementary School, we learned a bit about the ancient Greeks and their civilization. During those weeks of study, I willingly got up early in the morning while the house was still silent.
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11 Jun: Retention

In this article, I’d like to think out-loud about the topic of employee retention. There’s been a lot written surrounding this topic over the years: it’s cost to companies, changes to employee morale, company loyalty, generational differences in typical tenure among other subjects. On page 57 of the 84-page pdf from SIOP, one reads the following admonitions:

11 Jun: Typical Results

One of the purposes of the study was to provide the scientific community and the world with a more accurate understanding of what small, medium, and large effect sizes (correlations symbolized by the letter “r”) are in applied Psychology.


When companies select an assessment for prehire screening of job applicants, they typically have some knowledgeable person download a performance model from the test publisher’s library of patterns or they create a concurrent performance model using assessment results from a representative group of incumbents.


The spotlight I am shining on this table and figure number two in the article is to demonstrate the almost unlimited types of variables that can be studied and end up rendering predictive value. Figure 2 in the study is an abbreviated hierarchical variable taxonomy the authors used to classify 30 years of variables. It references 4,869 variable nodes.