Advanced Hiring & Coaching LIVE! Digital Hot Seat with Q and A: Keys to Talent Acquisition Success

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On the second Wednesday of the month, Kunze Analytics is excited to be hosting a virtual event followed by a hot-seat-style Q&A at the end. The event will last about an hour.

Who Should Attend: Anyone who hires or coaches at least ten (10) employees in the same role.

Topic: Advanced Method for Hiring & Coaching:

You will be learning from workforce consultant Christopher Kunze himself, who has been engineering record-breaking teams using his Kunze Analytics High-Performance Hiring & Coaching System for the past two decades.

He’ll be showing you the system inside and out, so you’ll have a deep understanding of exactly how our clients are getting a PREDICTABLE 1,300% to 1,900% system ROI RIGHT NOW, and how you can do exactly the same thing.

The Hot-Seat Q&A:

Bring all your burning questions about the Hiring & Coaching process. Join us with audio or video or just put them in the chatbox.

What you can expect to know by the end of the training:

-Waste less time interviewing poor quality job applicants
-Retain employees longer
-Know each employee better than they know themselves
-Know their strengths & opportunities for development
-Know what to coach
-Discover which coaching scenarios are realistic
-Learn the link between performance metrics & personality

Limited Offer: Stay until the end of the webinar and we’ll build you a Predictive Scorecard at no cost. (Valued Up To $2,500)

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